Why is factory applied staining recommended?

Painting or staining freshly milled natural wood is neccessity for the longevity of your product. Without applying paint or stain, your new siding will quickly darken and will be susceptible to mold, cupping, and movement in the wood. Getting and maintaining that “new” look will require substantial time, effort, and money. Our Custom Staining services solve all of that.

Weather conditions such as rain, drizzle, snow, and higher than normal humidity levels can be a major deterrent for proper stains, regardless of whether an oil or latex application is being used. Depending on where in the country you live, and the areas average humidity levels, applying exterior stain on the job site may not be possible. That is why we meticulously apply all of our stains in a climate-controlled facility, thereby significantly eliminating any possibility of moisture contamination.

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