Custom Prime Line lumber priming services



Protect you new wood siding and its natural exterior finish before it is installed with our Custom Prime Line services.

Using our state-of-the-art paint booth, we apply an even coat of high quality Sherwin Williams primer to all four sides of your wood product. After the primer is applied, the wood then travels through our drying oven to ensure that the primer cures evenly on all sides. Once dried the wood is then inspected for quality and is end-painted to ensure complete protection.

Why is Priming recommended?

Frequently today’s homes are wrapped with a vapor barrier, such as Tyvek or another foil-faced insulation, which does not allow large moisture droplets to flow through. Coupled with the fact that siding is often not vented, this means the moisture is m0re likely to get trapped within the wall. Trapped moisture could lead to rotting, mold build-up, or can also lead to cupping of the siding itself. Priming natural wood siding helps to eliminate these issues, ultimately giving your siding and its finish coat more longevity. Adding value and peace of mind to your investment.

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