Get lumber cut exactly as you need it, making the most of your time and the most of your project.

Chico Building produces a product tailored to your very needs and specifications. We are not talking small pieces, either. Our mill is capable of cutting logs up to 21 feet long and 36 inches in diameter, providing you with countless possibilities for even large scale projects.

Importantly, our Custom Cut™ service is environmentally friendly. Our cutting and milling processes have been optimized by our well-trained craftsmen to produce an excellent product with minimal waste, making the most of each log we cut. Better yet, we are not only efficient with our logs, but with our fast turnaround, we offering a competitive price for a great quality product. And that is something we stand by.

Business Hours

Monday to Friday 6:30am – 4:00pm
Saturday 7am – Noon
Sunday Closed